On This Day: Sweaty Nights

Sweaty Nights

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 9th June 2013

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 9th June 2013

I love to go out with my friends, drink until dawn, dancing through the night. Although this isn’t the best demonstration of camera quality, it truly reflects the evening for me. Way to many new names to remember, way to many drinks. It’s this strange feeling I want to capture, the one where you the only one not in conversation. I don’t want a photograph of the night, but a photograph of how I felt that night. I must say there is something about these clubs that make me feel more wasted than I actually am.

Most importantly I do actually remember why we were out, we’d already hit a few bars earlier in the afternoon, watched a mate play a DJ set, of whom it was his birthday, and then some time later on here, at 3am. I even have a few photos from the first train home. And to answer any looming questions about carrying around heavy photography equipment through the night, yes my camera gets completely covered by alcohol.

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