On This Day: Red Tape

Red Tape

Deventer, Overijssel, The Netherlands - 12th June 2017

Deventer, Overijssel, The Netherlands - 12th June 2017

I was wondering the streets of Deventer looking for something to take my attention. When I go shooting for myself, it's usually a time where I can observe a subject or location with my own interest. I usually couple these sessions by selling my photography services to those who I think might be interested in what I am doing. This is the main way I network and get more and more people to look at my photography. I suggest anyone do this, just have some business cards ready.

This worksite is for the new Library that will be opened in Deventer in the coming year. It has been very exciting watching the construction going up every now and then, I just hope it won't be sad to see what comes of the old library.

I have always loved capturing construction sites. I think it has something to do with documenting the moment, and how the next day, the work site could look completely different, overhauled, changed, and progress made.

Capturing these in-between moments are my favourite because they really won't happen again in the same way, same light, or same time. A building is only ever started and finished and if they're not finished, they will start again.

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