On This Day: Day Break

Day Break

Wollert, Victoria, Australia - 23rd June 2011

Wollert, Victoria, Australia - 23rd June 2011

The night before I captured this photo I could not sleep a wink. Nothing was really bothering me that much that I could easily pinpoint. I was just going through a bit of insomnia. This can be triggered by too much coffee too late in the afternoon. Except this time Instead of staying in the comfort of my home, I just wanted to get out and explore.

Without anything planned for the day I set out early in the morning for some dawn landscape photography. At this stage I was just driving in a straight line north directly out from the city. Reading the weather was last on my mind because I knew it was going to be overcast anyway. These cracks in the sky you just can’t plan for. If I followed my usual corse of action I probably wouldn’t have captured this and proves that you should always just go.

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