On This Day: Benny Clark

Benny Clark

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 16th June 2012

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 16th June 2012

While on assignment compiling photography and video for the 80's influenced metal and rock band Electrik Dynamite up coming music video clip, I was asked to photograph their drummer at the time, Benny Clark. An absolute freak on the skins and all round top bloke.

On this occasion, I was required to highlight the drummer for his unbelievable skills and passion for the instrument. I only had a couple moments with him and knew my best opportunity was to empower him and his thrown, otherwise known as a drum kit. There are millions of photos of drummers playing the drums so I thought the occasion was suiting.

It's not always easy to work with professional musicians when they've got their mind on the music. Others will tell you it's much easier that they're distracted. Next time I'll be firmer with my subject and make sure I get out of them what they need me to for the best portrait possible.

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