Terra Firma is an aerial photography series uncovering the harsh landscape of South East Victoria, Australia.

As the pilot, Nick Havill and I cruise along the Victorian coastline, we were struck by the alien-like natural landscape that was presented before us. It was nothing like we'd ever seen before. 

Through the window of the aircraft, the ever-changing environment constantly confronted me with it’s various elements. Too the naked eye, the terrain was astonishing, I could see right too the horizon, left and right. 

What was just as profound was what fell right below my feet. Looking through the viewfinder, I was able to see right into the cracks and curves crafted by nature that might as well be looking straight through a telescope toward a new world. In this series I want the viewer to connect the abstract forces of nature from above and it's ability to shape shift in the most unassuming place on earth.