You can support Tim a number of ways with his ongoing personal project work & endeavours below.



Of course it would be nice to by a Limited Edition signed print to help support Tim. However this mean's shipping can become expensive very quickly! The truth is not many of us have the budget for nice art prints anyway. That's fine, buying and owning art is no where near as important as paying rent. The problem here is that Tim has rent to pay too. Instead of offering only 1 of a kind prints, Tim has opened a sistering e-store where you can buy a huge range of awesome products. When I say awesome, I mean awesome! I'm talking not only discounted framed prints, canvases at various sizes shipped all over the world but also iPhone & iPad Cases, Laptop Cases, Tote Bags, Pillows & Wall Clocks and much more. Although Tim takes a much smaller commission from this store than his own, he understands that not everyone has a money tree in their yard.



For a long time now, Tim has been working as a photographer and visual creative on a multitude of project work throughout Australia. Although only recently graduated from college, some of this work is conducted for clients but mostly self iniciated. Supporting Tim through Patreon enables Tim to continue what he loves to do while you put butter on his bread. Not only are you donating, you're investing in Tim's career, but also you are also enabling him to make this space including ones around it, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, a much more vibrant and interactive place. Fun fact; If everyone following Tim on his social media donated $1 It would fill a serious hold in Tim's pocket. This kind of contribution and support never would have been possible pre internet and Tim is very grateful for it.


If a print or pillow isn't what you're looking for but you still want to support Tim's photography. The next time you're considering buying something online, why not choose to purchase it through the link below. If your set on purchasing anything new or used, why not send the referral commission through too Tim as 21st century way of supporting another struggling artist, and saying, hey, thanks Tim, how did you know I wanted a new electric toothbrush.