Photographic Services


Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography is perfect for showcasing your project. Some of the most recognisable architecture has been captured from helicopters and planes at dawn and dusk, where the colours can truly come alive. This vantage point is the perfect way to impress your customers, clients and to leave a lasting impression.

Video is fast become the most important way to communicate your brand's message. Being able to tell your story both from the ground and above can completely transform the way people view and respond to your product or project.

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Architecture Photography

Architecture is seemingly subjective. So much so that even after the building is complete, it then needs to be given a home in a new frame of light. To clearly showcase your home, building or tower, you need a sharp eye to capture it precisely.

Tim's unique perspective can showcase your project like you never imagined. From inspiration, to inception, your brief will be delivered in full awaiting your deadline.

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Portrait & Product Photography

If you have a line of new products you want to release to the market, or if your team needs a new set of headshots pictures, why not bundle it together with other photography services?

It's important to update your public image regularly with fresh imagery. Customers are becoming smarter and your brand awareness is at stake.

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Lifestyle & Editorial Photography

Lifestyle & Editorial Photography is a great way to highlight a personal space and share your story. Whether your an artisan, musician or into another creative discipline, we can let the innovative juices flow and combine forces to bring truly compelling imagery into a whole new light.

If you're a writer or a journalist that requires photography for you story, please get in touch!

Short & Long Term Timelapse

Timelapse is a fantastic way to turn days in to seconds. Applicable to a multitude of applications. Timelapse is a creative tool that can be incredibly effective in capturing an event over the weekend or even a construction site for 24 months.

To achieve effective results for your project, you need high quality skills and equipment which is only possible with the right knowledge.




Live Streaming

Video is now the most important way to communicate your product. You can take advantage of this interactive technology using high quality video streaming from all corners of the globe.

Whether your event or project is held in a forest or a museum, you can now engage and talk directly to your customers. Combined with high quality audio and utilising fibre internet connection or 4G mobile service.

This service even available from a drone perspective!

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360° Interactive Panorama Tours

Interactive Panorama Tours are an immersive way to give a potential customer the opportunity to step inside your space without even being in the country.

Images are captured and stitched together to construct high resolution interactive websites that can be used on any web browser or mobile device, and now commonly used within VR technology.

The taken photographs can even double as a high quality still panorama.

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