Construct is a series of detailed aerial landscape photography above the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia industrial environment.

As I looked down from above, I began to focus on the repetition, patterns, form, structure and organisation of different industries. From the air, there is always something to see, learn and understand. I’ve always been interested in what creates employment opportunities, particularly in the building, shipping and automotive industries.

With automation technologies becoming more prevalent in certain areas of logistic based operations, I wanted to take an elevated screenshot of what our landscape looks before it begins to change again.

I was interested in the space that big business & corporations occupy and how they use it for their and our own perpetual good, or evil.

Through this series I want the viewer to reconnect with the demand on our planet and the human effort behind our every desire.

Organise - The way that different industries work they need their products managed and felt with in a different manner. In this image, it has a heart like shape, the heart of which keeps the factory alive as well as the workers that pays the employee's mortgages and put food on the table at each night. This is the blood and the guts, which allows these people to meet financial as well as personal goals. Everyone has their own idea on how to manage a working environment, sometimes it can be the make or break of a company. In this photograph it shares a symbolic visual queue about the mission behind this setup. Striving to be perfect in an imperfect world.