On This Day: Metro Fog

Metro Fog

Southbank, Victoria, Australia - 29rd June 2013

Southbank, Victoria, Australia - 29rd June 2013

I didn’t used to worry so much about noisy photos, I was just so inthralled in shooting whatever I wanted. Fuck the rules! I was really going through that stage. Though I’m well aware must it is balancing on the on the edge of acceptability. I was visiting a friend in who was living in a new apartment in Melbourne’s Southbank.

We used to stay up late, drink, talk, go out, whatever really, we’d usually end up back at his apartment just chilling on the balcony no matter how cold it was. This particular night was extra crispy, my friend went inside to get a cigarette and I started taking a few photographs on this eerie morning atmosphere. Not a sound to be heard on the street below, just the faint echo of my cameras shutter bouncing back off the building in frame.

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