A Camera Strap for Any Shoulder

Choosing a camera strap should be made easy. Normal camera straps serve their purpose, but to me, a camera strap is more about when I'm not using my camera. I have to be able to hold my camera for an entire day, even if I don't see something I want to shoot. The truth here is that nobody can take amazing images every single day. Our lives are so dynamic and you need to be ready to take your next best photo before it happens. Therefore my best advice here is to find a camera strap that is convenient, strong and durable. Think in the line of buying a new bag, it's got to look good on you and fit your cameras design when attached.


For me, the only choice of camera strap is a sling. You can find whichever one suits you the best, but for me, something strong and not too pricey does the job for me. It has many abilities that I now take for granted, like being able to swing it behind my back whenever I'm done with it, especially when riding my bike.

My best advice is to make sure that when you do put your camera down, that you find a way of placing it in a secure state as the buckles on the bottom don't allow the camera to sit normally on a flat surface.


There isn't much more to say here other than to enjoy having your camera with you as much as possible in a secure way, where nobody is going to be able to take your camera from over your neck but around your body. 

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